Friday, February 11, 2011


Monthly giveaways coming soon to THE BUTTERCUP BASKET!!!    The first giveaway will begin February 15, 2011 and will end February 28, 2011.  The giveaway will be a random drawing for a hat of your choosing. 

Requirements for the giveaway include:
#1 "Liking" THE BUTTERCUP BASKET on facebook (see button on the right)
#2 Posting on THE BUTTERCUP BASKET facebook page your favorite spring colors

If you are already a fan on fb don't worry, you still qualify for the giveaway.  Just be sure that your post on fb is on or after Feb 15 and no later than Feb 28. 

Good luck everyone!  I am excited to see your favorite colors- You may even see some of your own color combinations in new hat designs.


ooglebloops said...

This hat is so cute - I will be sharing and tweeting- thanks for doing a giveaway!!! I know a little baby who would be adorable in this hat!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable hat. My granddaughter will need a hat like that! She was born last month. VERY CUTE!

Carolyn said...

Will definitely be joining in for this giveaway. You are so talented and I can just see my little granddaughter in one of your precious hats! Thank you for the chance. Off to post on FB my favorite color!

Katie :o) said...

Oh! Too exciting! I just found your blog through Barb... and we have a grandchild arriving in June :o) I'm headed over to FB! And will post your blog on my blogroll, as well!