Thursday, March 1, 2012


OK, I know it has been a super long time since we’ve had a giveaway.  I must apologize for that.  In fact, I don’t think we have had one since I had my fourth baby…. And now she is 6 months old.  Wow!  It has been too long.  So let’s have one! 

Before I get started on the details of the giveaway, let me tell you a little bit about my sweet friend, Barb.  I first met Barb at a church youth group activity.  We had both been asked to teach the 12 and 13 year old girls together.  (I love those girls; they’re still so innocent at that age.)  I had been working on a little quilt with the girls before Barb moved to Stafford from American Samoa.  Let’s just say that I am not a quilter.  I have tried a little bit and I’ve made a couple of little things for my kiddos but that’s the extent of it.  However, I do own a rotary cutter and mat- but I use it to cut fabric more for girl’s dresses than anything else.  Barb, had called me briefly before the start of the mid- week activity to ask me if she needed to bring anything.  It was then that I learned she is a quilter.  Well, it wasn’t for a few weeks after the activity that I learned just what a quilter she is!  She does BEAUTIFUL work!!!  She is so talented and one of these days I am going to have her teach me some of her wonderful talent.  She is such a fun and gracious person and I am so blessed to call her friend.

Now, on to the giveaway!  My same sweet friend is hosting The Buttercup Basket giveaway on her blog.  What a great place for a giveaway, right?  I hope you will all take a few minutes to browse her blog and admire her beautiful work.  And if any of you are quilters you may get some great ideas.  I highly recommend that you follow Barb’s blog, too.  She has such a fun personality and great sense of humor-  I know you will LOVE her posts even if you aren’t a quilter.

So, hurry on over to Bejeweled Quilts by Barb and participate in the giveaway.  The winner takes a $35 gift certificate to my shop!